second storey additions and large scale Renovations

... Risen Specialise in seamless additions to an existing residence in a way that ensures minimal impact on your lifestyle!

Second Story Additions Specialist Risen Developments (Risen) specialise in seamless additions to an existing residence in a way that ensures minimal impact on your lifestyle while living in your home. Risen aims to provide a comfortable existence while your dreams expand.

We create a marriage between old and new to form an entirely new home through major alterations and additions. We pride our ethos on the successful fulfilment of the functionality and aesthetic of your renovation, be it a Major Renovation or Second Storey Addition.

Risen will work with your plans or can develop a plan with you that captures exactly what you are looking to achieve from your project.

Our approach is to ensure that your addition is:

  • On-Time
  • On Budget
  • Of minimal impact to your lifestyle during construction and
  • Meets your dreams

With a successful history dating back to 1992, Risen Developments is the ideal choice for your second storey addition. We aim to make it as seamless as possible as we value repeat clients and projects that we are both proud of.

It is our reputation. Being a local Palm Beach builder, Risen is the right choice for your Double Story Renovation, First Floor addition, House Extensions and Renovation needs on the Gold Coast and Northern Regions of NSW.

Getting started is easy call the Risen team on 0404 736 688 or contact us online.

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our Building Services at a glance!

From conception to completion, we can build your dream home. We can provide concepts, drafting, architectural and interior services or use your prepared plans, either way your dream will develop with us.

New Home Builders

Custom home build's

From conception to completion, we can build your dream home. Specialised Custom build homes with your plans or our plans – You can decide

Home Renovations

Home Renovations

Want to renovate your home and don’t know where to start? We make it easier to give your home the features or updates that you have always wanted. Renovating your home has never been this easy.

Renovation And Extensions

Home extensions

A home extension is a great option if your current property is no longer meeting your needs, we are here to provide a timely and stress-free service.

Duplex Builders Gold Coast

Duplex Builders / Dual Occupancy

Maximise your investment in your own property by building a duplex or dual occupancy on the underutilised portion of their land.

Knock Down Rebuild A Custom New Homes

Knock Down Rebuilds

Were you looking to knock down your house? Our services include Full and Partial Knockdowns and Rebuilding on your land or existing home.

Renovation Transformations Services

Transform your Kitchen, Bathroom, Outdoor and Entertainment areas

Transform your Gold Coast property into the home of your dreams with reliable renovations. Update your kitchen, bathroom, outdoor living, or any other area of your home. We offer comprehensive solutions for all types of renovation projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some simple advice on when building a Second-story addition and why most projects require a specialised, experienced licenced builder.

Is My Home Suitable for a Second Story Addition?

The most important question is whether your existing home can support a second level. An experienced licenced builder can inspect your property to determine if a second storey addition is a viable option.

For example, a builder needs to inspect the condition of the foundation. A weak foundation may not be able to handle the weight of a second floor, which could lead to structural issues.

At Risen Developments, we fully inspect your home to assess whether it can support a second floor. We give you honest recommendations instead of moving forward with a potentially unsafe renovation.

What Are Local Council Requirements?

All major house renovations, including Second storey additions projects, require council approval to ensure that the renovations comply with local building requirements. The requirements are primarily intended to comply with height, footprint and safety standards for various building components.

Local Council within our building licence envelope

Will an Entirely New Roof Be Required?

The process of adding another floor requires the removal of your current roof. In some rare cases, builders can suspend the roof from a crane and secure it to the frame of the new floor. However, most additions require the installation of a new roof.

Do i need a Building Certifer for the addition?

Before starting on your project, you need a qualified building certifier to assess your property. The building certifier may work for the local government or private practice. They meet with your builder and inspect the property to ensure that the plans comply with all local requirements.

Building certifiers will schedule inspections at different stages of construction, including after the completion of the addition. The certifier needs to give final approval before the structure can be occupied, where an occupational certificate will be issued.

A Building certifier is recommended for any construction project but is completely INDEPENDENT of any builder or construction company.

What Timeframe Should We Anticipate for Construction?

The average timeframe for adding another floor to your home is about 6 to 12 months. The duration depends on various factors, including the availability and experience of the builder and subcontractors they employ. Some builders can complete a double story in as little as three months. However, rushing the project may result in inferior work.

In any case, most constructions time frames will remain pretty constant during the entire building process.

If you were unsure of how to judge completion dates, before commencing construction is to govern how complex the addition you are looking to undertake.

Where Will We Live When the Construction Commences?

Adding a second floor requires modifications to the frame of your home and generates a lot of dust. Due to safety concerns, it is often advised that the homeowner reside elsewhere during construction. However, builders can section off a living area for the homeowners to remain onsite with some smaller projects.

In most cases, the homeowner finds different accommodations during the construction process. For example, you may stay with family, rent a hotel room, or camp elsewhere on your property.

What Are the Benefits of Second Story Additions?

Renovating your home by adding another floor increases the square meterage of your property. You can double your living space without having your main structure take up more of your property, compared to a home extension. Your yard stays the same size, but your living space increases.

How Do You Finance My Construction Costs?

The most common way to finance the second storey addition is with a construction loan. Unlike most conventional loans, you do not receive a lump sum, and the lender releases money in stages to cover the cost of construction.

You draw down your loan in instalments throughout the construction process. For example, you may receive an instalment to cover initial preparation, which includes the cost of plans, permits, and fees.

Along with construction loans, some homeowners may use equity to take out a loan. A home equity loan is a second home loan taken out on the difference between the property’s value and your existing loan balance.

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