Secondary Dwellings

Are you looking to add a second dwelling to your land? Our secondary dwelling service includes all constructions on your existing land.

Expert Secondary Dwelling Construction in Gold Coast

Building an additional place for a family member or tenant could be the perfect way to maximise the use of space on your lot.

Contact the team at Risen Developments to explore construction options for secondary dwellings. We offer a straightforward, no-hassle building process for projects of all sizes, including secondary development construction.

What Are Secondary Dwellings?

A secondary dwelling is a separate property built on the same plot of land as the primary dwelling.

These structures include all the features of a standard dwelling, including plumbing and electricity. They also have bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. However, the second property is often smaller than the original property.

In fact, many of these units contain one or two bedrooms, as they were often used to support aging family members, which led to the nickname “granny flats.”

From developing the initial concept to completing the project, our team works closely with you to ensure that your new home exceeds your expectations. The next step is to fill out the form below to set up a consultation.

From developing the initial concept to completing the project, our team works closely with you to ensure that your new home exceeds your expectations. The next step is to fill out the form below to set up a consultation.

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Gain Greater Flexibility with Custom Secondary Units

At Risen Developments, we specialise in custom home construction projects, including the building of custom granny flats. A custom project gives you greater flexibility and personalisation than a standard project.

You can plan everything around your specific needs with a custom design job. We eliminate the restriction on the design footprint, which opens the possibilities of what you can achieve with your addition.

Reasons to Consider Adding a Secondary Structure

Adding another dwelling to your property is a significant consideration but offers many advantages. Some of the reasons to consider adding a separate unit to your property include:

  • Providing space for an older family member
  • Creating space for an adult child
  • Adding a rental unit to your property
  • Providing guest space for visitors

Providing space for an aging family member is the most common reason to add a secondary living area to your property. You can provide support and receive help from older family members, such as aging parents who require daily care. It may help elderly parents put off or avoid assisted living costs.

Embrace preferable living options that meet families of all sizes.

You may also prefer to keep an adult child close to home. A secondary home can provide a bridge to adulthood, giving a child more space and independence. Older children with their own families may also prefer receiving help by living closer to their parents. Please review our Advice article on multigenerational homes.

Instead of family members, you may decide to use the space for tenants. You can rent the unit out and earn passive income. Most granny annexes also include separate entrances. The unit should meet the requirements for a rental property, allowing you to create an extra revenue stream.

Another option is to use the space for visitors. You can add a separate guest house with its own bathroom, bedrooms, and kitchen. The second home provides a more comfortable retreat for family and guests visiting from out of town.

No matter the reason for wanting the extra space, the second building adds more value to your property. The value of a home is largely based on its size and specific features, such as the number of bedrooms.

Your Source for Secondary Development Projects

If you are ready to start planning your project, contact the experts at Risen Developments. We are the leading custom secondary dwelling builders for homeowners in Goldy and the surrounding region.

Discover some of the advantages of choosing Risen Developments for your secondary building:

  • Over three decades of experience
  • Family-owned and operated business
  • Custom home construction is our speciality

There is no job that is too big or too small. We work on projects ranging from tens of thousands to millions of dollars. No matter the size of the project, we offer reliable solutions that work for you.

Contact us immediately online to discuss your new secondary dwelling, or call on 0404 73 66 88 / 0404 REN OV8

Were you looking for local council secondary dwelling guidelines on the Gold coast?

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