Custom build homes allow Gold Coast residents to choose layouts, floor plans, and materials that suit their specific needs. Yet, when you start to run out of space or grow tired of your current living arrangement, a renovation is likely your first thought.

A home renovation or addition is often a great way to get more space without moving. Unfortunately, home renovations are not always the best choice. Some renovations may not make sense economically, and building regulations or the condition of your home may also limit your renovation options.

When a renovation is no longer an option, you have two choices: move or rebuild with a custom-built home. The following article examines the pros and cons of both options. Here is what you should know before deciding to buy a new home or build one from scratch on the Gold Coast.

Table of Contents

1: What are Custom built homes?
2: Custom Build vs. Renovation
3: Pros and Cons of a Custom-Built House
4: Advantages of moving
5: Disadvantages of moving
6: Start playing your dream home

🏘️ What Are Custom Build Homes?

Custom Home BackyardAs the name suggests, a custom build is customised to meet the needs of the client. When you work with a custom builder, such as the team at Risen Developments, you are involved in selecting every detail.

Instead of choosing from existing homes for sale in the Gold Coast area, you plan a home around your wishes and needs. You select the floor plans, windows, doors, exterior materials, and more. A bespoke builder can even work with plans that you provide.

A custom home build is not the same as a “spec or project home.” Many home builders purchase lots and build homes based on a few different floor plans, and they speculate that people will buy the properties after construction completion. While the houses are brand-new, they are not built anywhere close to your specifications.

🏘️ Custom Build vs. Renovation: When Does a Custom Build-Make More Sense?

Before deciding to build a custom home, you may prefer to explore home renovations and additions. Renovation involves changes to your existing home, such as upgrading the kitchen or bathroom. Home extensions and additions create more space by extending your current home. A reliable builder can make the changes seamless as if they were always part of the design of the house.

The main advantage of a home renovation is the convenience of not needing to move. Depending on the scale of the renovation, you may need to relocate until construction is complete temporarily. Yet, you do not need to deal with the process of packing and moving your entire home.

Custom New Homes Front FacadeRenovations often provide the most economical solution, but not in every situation. Asking yourself the following questions can help you determine if renovations make sense:

  • Do you need to stay in this location?
  • Does the lot provide enough space?
  • Can your existing home support your renovation plans?
  • Can you renovate without changing the floor plan?

If you answer “yes” to all these questions, a home renovation may be the most cost-effective option. However, if you answer “no” or “not sure” to any of the questions, you may want to explore building a custom house. At Risen Developments, we can help you compare options so you can make a more informed decision.

🏘️ Pros and Cons of a Custom-Built House

A custom home is typically built on a vacant plot of land. However, you can also tear down an existing property and rebuild it from the ground up. You may be able to rebuild on your current location instead of moving to another part of the Gold Coast region.

Whether you are thinking about relocating or want to tear down and build on your existing lot, our custom-built homes offer several advantages:

  • Customisation
  • More control
  • Fewer maintenance issues
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • One-of-a-kind design

Custom Built Home KitchenCustomisation is the main perk of new home construction. You can decide on every element of the home, from the flooring to the doorknobs. You also have complete control over the design process. You can choose the building materials that suit your preferences and budget.

Building a new home also helps you avoid maintenance issues. When you move into a home, the appliances are unlikely to be brand new. If you are lucky, the washer, dryer, water heater, and Air Conditioning systems are only a few years old. However, you will need to deal with an appliance breakdown within a few years in most cases.

Your new home will contain entirely new appliances, electrical and plumbing work. As everything is brand-new, maintenance issues become less of a concern.

A new home also allows you to take advantage of the latest building techniques and technologies. The latest homes are more energy-efficient, thanks to newer designs and materials. You can install energy-efficient Air Conditioning equipment and benefit from thermal roofing and exterior solutions.

A custom house also results in a one-of-a-kind design. As the home is built based on your ideas, you will never find a home with the exact same design or layout.

Planning a bespoke build for your next home offers complete customisation, but it also tends to cost more and take longer than moving. Working with a custom builder may not be your best option if you have a limited budget or timeframe.

🏘️ Advantages of Moving to an Existing Home

If renovations are not going to cut the mustard and make economic sense, custom build homes are not your only alternative. You can also consider moving.

Moving can prove to be lower costs. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the average cost of new home construction in Queensland is $1800 to $4000 per square metre. You may get a larger home at a lower price when moving.

Deciding to move also takes less time. The average Australian house takes 4 to 12 months to build, assuming you have already purchased the land and chosen a design.

🏘️ Disadvantages of Moving to an Existing Home

Moving provides several benefits, but you also miss out on the advantages of a custom house. You are unlikely to find an existing home that has all the features that you want.

What does your dream home contain? You may want an open floor plan, walk-in closets, skylights, and other special features. The more items you add to your list, the less likely you will find a matching home. New homeowners also often find at least a few things that they want to renovate soon after moving in. After spending time in a space, you may notice details that you overlooked before buying.

Existing homes are also more likely to come with pre-existing issues. You may discover problems with the plumbing, foundation, electrical work, or roof that require attention. Even if these issues do not appear immediately, you are likely to deal with household repairs shortly.

The costs of living in an older home and dealing with unexpected repairs can make moving less economical than it initially seems. Moving into a newly built home helps eliminate these issues. You get brand-new roofing, walls, pipes, and electrical wiring, and you avoid the hassle and costs of household repairs.

The biggest drawback to moving is shopping for a new home. It would be best to visit multiple properties, arrange showings with real estate agents, and place bids. After placing a bid, you start negotiating with the seller and close on the property. The entire process can take several months and cause a lot of unnecessary stress.

The bottom line is that moving does not offer the cost savings or time savings you may expect. In the long run, building a new home may offer a better value compared to moving.

🏘️ How to Start Planning the Home of Your Dreams

When renovations do not work out, building a custom home is your best option to ensure that you get the features you want. The next step is to find the right custom builder.

Risen Developments is a leading builder of custom homes on the Gold Coast and the surrounding area. From the conceptual stages to the completion of your home, you work with us step-by-step to make your ideas a reality. We have completed close to 2000 renovations and built well over 100 new homes for homeowners throughout the Gold Coast.

Custom Home BuildersDiscover some of the ways we ensure that every client receives their dream home:

  • Flexible building solutions
  • No-nonsense building process
  • Complete transparency
  • Superior attention to detail

You can depend on us for flexibility in bringing your ideas to life. We can work with your plans or design your new home from scratch.

With over 30 years of industry experience, we have also developed a no-nonsense building process. We take the hassle out of planning a new home and offer complete transparency throughout every stage. We keep you up to date during the construction phase and arrange multiple visits to the site.

Our attention to detail is perhaps the most significant advantage of working with a bespoke builder from Risen Developments. The floor plans, building materials, and minor interior details all receive the same level of consideration. We ensure that you end up with a home that matches your vision and can grow with your family. Enquire today to start planning your custom-built home on the Gold Coast.​

(If you are looking to build a custom home within your local Gold coast municipality, this will provide Council building applications and guidelines. If you are within the NSW corridor and located within the tweed shire, please review the Tweed council New homes or additions guidelines.)

A Custom-built home can be the perfect solution for Gold coast residents. Please don’t delay, and let’s chat soon! Risen, your local renovator on the Gold Coast is only a click or call away, so please reach out to us today at 0404 REN OV8.

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