HOW Gold Coast Home Renovation Builders can help with your next build!

A home addition or extension from professional renovation builders is an excellent solution for creating multiple living spaces or giving yourself extra room. However, if you are planning a major remodel for the first time, you may not know what to expect.

In this post, we look at what you can expect when working with Gold Coast home renovation builders to update your home, including the most important considerations.

🤔 Why Choose to Renovate Your Home?

Renovating a home offers a way to make your home better suited to your current needs. Renovating your home may eliminate the need or desire to move. It can also add value to your home and increase its future resale price.

Gold Coast is one of the most expensive real estate markets in Australia. If you already live in the area, renovating your home can keep you from dealing with a pricey market.

Yet, receiving what you want from home remodelling requires planning. Here are some of the things to expect when completing a custom build:

  • Expert advice
  • Multiple living spaces
  • Obtaining permits
  • Arranging alternate housing
  • Preparing for delays

Rebuilding your home to suit your needs can be costly but is often more cost-effective compared to moving or building a new home on vacant land. You should also expect to need financing. Here is a closer look at what else to expect when remodelling your home.

👷 Expert Advice From Gold Coast Home Renovation Builders

Architect Sketch Knockdown And Rebuild ProjectWhether you plan to knock down and rebuild your home or make a few structural changes, you first need a detailed building plan. Planning a major update to your home involves many considerations.

We can walk you through the design and planning processes. Working with experts keeps you from overlooking any essential details. Typical considerations for custom builds and remodels include:

  • Available space
  • Budget and building costs
  • Availability of builders and their crew
  • The features that you want most

Before embarking on a significant update to your home, you should also understand the building process. Remodelling a property often involves choosing or creating a design, acquiring financing, obtaining permits and building approvals, and much more.

Our goal is to make the process less stressful. Experienced home builders should explain each step and answer any questions that you may have.

After choosing or developing a design for your updated home, the next step is to estimate costs and obtain a construction loan. We also provide a timetable for the project and keep you in the loop throughout the entire process.

🏘️ Create Multiple Living Spaces Under One Roof

Adding more space is one of the things to expect from a major home remodel. You can use a home addition or extension to increase its square meterage. Both options can provide the ideal solution for creating multiple living spaces under one roof.

Multi-Generational Home Renovations-FamilyHomeowners choose to create multiple living spaces in one home for various reasons. These properties are sometimes called duplexes, multi-family, and multi-generational homes. Some of the advantages of creating multiple living areas include the following:

  • Creating space for elderly family
  • Offering room for adult children
  • Receiving help from family members
  • Saving money compared to living separately

A home addition often involves adding another floor to your house. Expanding vertically allows you to add more rooms to your home without using more of your yard.

If you have more yard space, you may prefer a home extension. Building out into your plot of land can help you maximise your use of space and add more living quarters.

🏗️ Renovation Projects May Require Building Approval

Overhauling your home involves a lot of work, as the changes may impact the foundation and safety of the property. The city of Gold Coast also requires building approval for projects that affect the structural integrity of a home.

Luckily, you can typically expect the Gold Coast home renovation builders you work with to obtain building approval. At Risen Developments, we handle getting all necessary building approvals and permits.

✨ You May Need to Arrange Alternate Housing

A home addition or extension project will likely require you to move out temporarily. Most homeowners find alternate accommodations for the duration of the project. Areas of your home or your entire property, may be off limits as the builders renovate your home.

The time frame for completing your project depends on the time of the year that you start, the availability of labour and resources, and many other factors. However, experienced builders should accurately estimate how long it could take. It would be best to have plenty of time to finalise your living arrangements before the start date.

💡 Prepare for Potential Delays and Backup Plans

There is no guarantee that your remodel will be completed without a single setback or challenge. For example, a particular material or fixture you want may suddenly become unavailable, requiring you to wait longer or choose an alternative solution.

Working with skilled builders helps you navigate these challenges. You can review your options and move forward to avoid lengthy delays on your construction project. However, having a backup plan remains useful for quickly addressing issues.

👍 Choosing the Right Home Builders

Craig Preston Contract Builder

Craig Preston, Contract Builder on the Gold Coast

Choosing to renovate comes with many decisions, including deciding on the home renovations company. For those seeking Gold Coast home renovation builders, contact the pros at Risen Developments. We have years of experience and have completed many different additions, extensions, and other custom builds.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to renovating their homes. The builders at Risen Developments can incorporate the features that you want most. Contact us today for a consultation.

Let’s start the discussion. The next step is to contact Craig, the Master builder and proprietor at Risen Developments.

Choosing to Renovate your home can be ideal for families looking to expand their current home whilst maximising their long-term value.
Please don’t delay, and let’s chat soon! Risen, your local Building and construction company on the Gold Coast, is only a click or call away, so please reach out to us today at 0404 REN OV8.

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