The east coast of Australia, south of Brisbane, is affectionately known as the Gold Coast or Goldy.

This area quite densely populated due to its attractive climate, sprawling beaches, and wondrous national forests.

Home Renovators Risen gets why you love the Gold coast and know it’s not always possible to build a new home. Here is some great advice on making your home a reality; as the saying goes, the worst house in the best street (Location) could be your greatest asset…

Read on to see why a renovation could suit your growing families needs?.

🏘️ Cost-Effective Renovations

In small areas with high populations, housing markets can get tight. As you can well imaging, there aren’t many homes for sale, and those that are could be out of your price range or don’t meet all of your needs.

What are you to do? One way to get your dream home is to buy an affordable house and then renovate it to make it your own. Home renovators specialise in modifying your space to make it perfect for you.

Older homes often cost a buyer less than a brand-new home. To save your dollars, you should look into purchasing a home that is a bit older. Look past the outdated floors and cabinets, and envision the house for its bones. You can always do some home renovation to modify the home to your liking in any part of the Gold Coast.New Kitchen And Addition

If you love the home’s layout, you don’t need to worry about a major construction project. Home renovators can help update and revamp each room of your home. Something as simple as changing the cabinets in your kitchen can completely change your view of the room. What was once an eyesore can soon become your favourite room.

What about when you hate the layout of the house? Perhaps you love a modern, open-concept home where all of the rooms interconnect to one another. Older house construction trends included kitchens that were closed off from sitting rooms and dining rooms separate from the kitchen.

If you don’t like the home’s layout, fear not, as most house spaces can be changed, as well.

A home renovation on the Gold Coast can completely change the space within a home. Risen’s Renovation team can strip a house down to its studs in the blink of an eye. They can turn a chunky, awkwardly laid-out home into a wide-open living space perfect for the modern family.

🧱 Adding on

Whether you’ve already got a large family or you expect to have a large one in the future, it can be hard to find a home with enough space. Most homes with major renovations can have price tags that creep into the millions on the Gold Coast. Often, people with large families are not rolling in it enough to purchase a million-dollar home. But, this doesn’t mean that you have to give up your dream of having a home large enough to house all your family members.

Gold Coast home renovators such as Risen can assist you in modifying your home to make more space. Ideally, this could involve reconfiguring a room or two or adding an extension to your existing structure. Most people think of an extension of the home spanning out horizontally, but did you know that you could also expand vertically?

If you feel that you need a lot more space, you can add another storey to your home. Adding a second storey to your home can give you more bedrooms and baths without compromising your garden space in the backyard. You could even add an attic if you don’t have one already. The attic could serve as a loft for guests or storage for your belongings.

You could also construct more living spaces as you expand upwards. Sitting rooms or entertainment rooms give even more places for people to gather and lounge in your home without being crammed into one living room. Having a separate playroom for your children will help contain their toys and even their noise.

💲 Maximise Your Investment

The average cost of a home on the Gold Coast is $630,000 and $1,080,000 in Burleigh Heads (according to, and it is expected only to trend upwards. Purchasing a home now before the market thoroughly booms will ensure that you get a fair price, and if you sell your home in the future, your house will sell for more than you paid for it.

Home Renovation, Pergola OutlookIf you want to maximise your home’s profit, employing a home renovator on the Gold Coast will increase its value. Future buyers won’t want to put in the work required to update an older home, so if you renovate it to become a timeless, gorgeous home, it will become more attractive to future buyers.

When your home renovator adds on to your home, the square meterage increase will result in a higher market value. More bedrooms equal more money, and if you added an entire second storey to your home, you could bet your bottom dollar that the price you paid to make the renovation will come back to you twofold.

It’s important to love your home while you’re in it, so contact a Gold Coast renovator to mould what you have into what you’ve always dreamed of; not only will you be happier in your home, but you’ll set yourself up for financial success in the future.

Home renovations on the Gold Coast can make all of your dreams come true, so please think about Risen Developments for your new renovation.​ If you’re looking for clarity on the maximum setback distance to renovate or add an extension in the City of the Gold Coast, please review the council setback policies in the link above. If you need professional home renovators assistance, enquire online.

🏡 Are you on the lookout for a trusted, licensed and experienced renovations company on the Gold coast or the Northern Regions of NSW – contact Risen? We’d love to help. Get in touch on 0404 REN OV8. or online.

Check out our Home renovators gallery of completed work.

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