Whether it’s a home renovation, a new kitchen, or a garage extension, these seven tips will help save time and money.

Renovating a house can be daunting and exciting. Planning an extension and understanding the process has a big impact on the final result. Do your research and know what to expect to get the home renovation you want.

Table of Content

1: Why you’re renovating?

2: Research is key

3: Contacting builder

4: Budget your Reno.’

5: Permission to build

6: Manage the Project

7: Getting started

1. Why you’re doing a home renovation

Think about your motivation behind your renovation or extension. Is it to have more space? Perhaps to put your stamp on your home? Renovating a Queenslander to a Hampton’s style home? Maybe buying a smaller house and doing a home extension is the best way to getting a bigger house on the Northern Rivers or the Gold Coast.

2. Research, research, research

Don’t underestimate how much research you’ll need to do when planning to upgrade, improve, and renew your home.

Start by looking into the ceiling prices for similar houses in the location (the top price buyers are willing to pay). How long do you plan to stay in the home after you’ve renovated?

It doesn’t make sense to add an extension or do a complete house renovation if it’s likely to increase the home’s value to over two million. Yet, the median house price for the area rarely reaches over one million.

When thinking about building renovations, carefully consider the structural stability, including the roof structure. If you’re hoping to add an extension, either as a second storey or new parts of the roof intersecting with the old, consider the strength, availability of matching roof coverings, or replacing the roof entirely.

If your house renovation is located on a site with restricted access, you’ll need to plan to ensure you have access to machinery or large building supplies.

Home Renovation Construction SiteHome Renovation Finished Bathroom

Many people renovating a house, particularly those adding extensions, will want to install systems tailored to your lifestyle and energy usage, e.g. updating heating, cooling and electrics.

Older properties don’t always provide the space homeowners have come to expect. If this is the case, a house extension will be necessary. The costs for an extension vary depending on:

  • The size of the extension and how many storeys
  • The quality of the build: standard, good, excellent
  • The design and aesthetics, including the amount of glazing and kitting out the rooms (especially if it’s a kitchen).

3. Contacting a home renovation builders to get estimates

After doing your research, you’ll have a clearer picture of your home renovation plans. Time to get an idea of costs.

Ask around and look at other house renovations. Search websites of home renovation companies. Look at their Gallery and the Building Services they offer. Is it what you’re looking for? Check their page on Why choose us and their customer testimonials.

Once you’ve found a building company you feel comfortable with, give them a call or complete their contact form. If you’re looking for a home renovation anywhere on the Gold Coast or Northern Regions of NSW, we’re happy to help.

Discuss your ideas with a reputable building company. They’ll provide you with useful advice and tell you whether your project ideas are feasible.

4. Budget, budget, budget

Add everything together. The estimate of the work, professional fees, removal costs or rent if you have to move out temporarily and any new fittings and furniture. Add at least 10 percent to cover contingency. The total is the budget you’ll need.

You might need to adjust your project at this stage to meet your budget, taste, and priorities.

5. Permissions

There are numerous approvals and checks required when undertaking a house renovation. The good news is that any good builder will help. Every state has slightly different requirements so discuss with your local council.

6. Who will manage the project

Unless you have plenty of time available and building know-how, managing a building project yourself is not as easy as it seems on TV reno’ shows! It’s an expensive and stressful process.

Managing multiple trades without experience is tricky. It can lead to project schedules being delayed and extended and more money being spent. Most building companies will do the management as part of their contract with you. It’ll make the experience of renovating your home far more enjoyable and cost-effective if you leave it to the professionals.

7. Getting started

Your preparation is nearly done. You’ve selected a renovation builder. Your concept drawings have been drawn up with cost estimates. Your finance is ready. Now for the difficult decisions! Who will design the interior? What colour walls will you have? What type of flooring? Will you need new furniture? Will you need landscaping to finish it off?

Set aside some time to think these through. It’s the fun part of your project.

We’re confident we can make all of your dreams come true, so please think about Risen Developments for your renovation.​ If you’re looking for clarity on the maximum setback distance to renovate or add an extension in the City of the Gold Coast, please review the council setback policies in the link above. If you need professional home renovators assistance, enquire online.

Think, Risen for a home renovation builder on the Gold coast through to the Northern Regions of NSW  – contact Risen. We’d love to help. Get in touch on 0404 RENOV8. or online.

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