Read why we feel it could be wiser to choose a Knock down and Rebuild of your home.

Choosing to knock down and rebuild your home may better suit your biggest concerns than building a new home on a separate plot of land.

Knockdowns involve knocking down an existing home and building a new one on the same site. You have complete control over the design of your new home. A knockdown also offers greater freedom to incorporate the features that you want.

If you are considering a custom build in Gold Coast or the surrounding area, you should first explore the reasons for choosing a knock down rebuild.

πŸ€” Knock down and Rebuilds Allow You to Avoid Relocating

Goldie is a thriving city, but you may need to look further to find a suitable empty lot for new home construction. Trying to find a place to build a new home may place you further from work, friends, and the areas you typically shop.

Relocating is also a hassle when trying to buy an existing property. Depending on the availability of homes for sale, you may not find a suitable property in your immediate area.

If you already live close to work or school, staying put may be wiser than looking for a lot for a new home. You can rebuild on the same land instead of needing to relocate.

🏑 A Rebuild May Save Money Compared to Other Options

Knocking down and rebuilding your home may be more cost-effective in the long run. The buying/selling process is costly, as you need to pay a wide range of fees, including stamp duties and agent commissions.

Rebuilding may cost less per square metre compared to some of your alternatives, including buying/selling and major renovations.

Home prices in some of the Gold Coast suburbs have increased 50% to 60% in the last year. The high prices mean that you may sell your existing home for more but are also likely to pay more for your new home.

Architect Sketch Knockdown And Rebuild Project

πŸ’² You May Not Get the Right Price for Your Current Home

Avoiding the buying/selling process also means avoiding the risk of not getting the right price for your home. As mentioned, house prices have grown significantly in the past year, but buyer’s fatigue and other factors may soon force sellers to drop their asking prices.

An architectural knockdown allows you to stay put instead of selling. You do not need to worry about selling your home for less than its worth.

πŸ“ƒ Custom Rebuilds Offer Access to the Latest Features

If your current home was built decades ago, it might not include the most up-to-date features and building elements. Modern homes benefit from newer technologies, tools, and materials.

For example, modern homes are often much more energy-efficient than older ones. Builders, such as the team at Risen Developments, use the latest advances and energy-efficient materials to build greener homes.

You can incorporate sustainable materials and building processes, resulting in lower energy costs and greater comfort.

🚧  Have a Clean Slate for Designing Your Dream Home

A knock down and rebuild project gives you a blank slate. You can ensure that your custom home includes the features that you want.

Have you always wanted a kitchen island counter or an open floor plan? Incorporating these elements is easier when you start from scratch. You can choose from blueprints or work with an architect.

The convenience and comfort of building a home around your needs mean that you may not need to move ever again. You are unlikely to find an existing property that already has everything you want. By including the features you want most in your design, you are less likely to become dissatisfied with your new home.

πŸ—οΈ Rebuilding Reduces the Risk of Surprises

Renovations often come with surprises that add to the project’s cost, timeframe, and stress. During the renovation, you may find that areas of the home are structurally unstable or suffer from previously undetected damage. These issues lead to delays and higher costs.

Older homes may also have bad wiring, unstable foundations, and other problems that add to the difficulty of your renovations. In some cases, existing damage can make a renovation even more costly and challenging compared to a rebuild.

For example, fixing an unstable foundation may cost $5,000 to $35,000 and add weeks to the timeframe for completing your renovations. You could spend thousands of extra dollars fixing a problem before starting on the updates to your home.

Luckily, a knock down and rebuild doesn’t include the same risks.

A rebuild involves starting from scratch. The foundation, electrical wiring, plumbing, and other elements are brand new. Builders also work with a specific timetable and budget. You sign a contract, which should give you greater confidence in the results.

🀝 Start Planning Your Knockdown/Rebuild

In the end, rebuilding is often a wiser choice than major renovations and relocating. Renovations often come with surprises that can add to the project’s overall cost.

Moving involves selling your current home and buying a new one that fits your needs. When selling, you may not get the right price. You may also struggle to find a home that has everything you want.

Knocking down a property allows you to avoid these issues. You can stay put and design the home of your dreams – often at a more cost-effective price than buying a home or completing a major renovation.

If you want to learn more about the advantages of knock down rebuilds in Goldie or the surrounding area, contact us at Risen Developments. With decades of experience, we are the preferred choice for rebuilds.

Contact us today to learn more!

🀝 How to Get Started on Your Knock down Rebuild

Craig Preston Contract Builder

Craig Preston Contract Builder on the Gold Coast

If you would like to start the process described, the next step is to contact Craig, the Master builder and proprietor at Risen Developments.

With over three decades of experience, we are equipped to complete your project on time and within budget. We have helped hundreds of homeowners build their dream homes in Goldie and the surrounding region. Contact us today to start planning your new home!

At Risen Developments, we provide a stress-free experience. Our no-nonsense building process has helped make us the preferred choice for many Knockdown rebuild clientele bringing their ideas into reality.

We can build a worthy investment to add to your real estate portfolio or dream home to call your own. The next step is to contact us to start discussing your plans.

A Knock down rebuild could be perfect for homeowners looking to define their lifestyle in the finer things offered when knocking down and rebuilding. Please don’t delay, and let’s chat soon! Risen, your local Building and construction company on the Gold Coast is only a click or call away, so please reach out to us today at 0404 REN OV8.

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