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Looking to Renovation your House? Our Home renovating services include minor and major renovations to your existing home.

Home Renovations From the Top Gold Coast Building Renovator

Want to renovate your home and don’t know where to start? Contact the expert home renovators at Risen Developments for reliable Gold Coast renovation from start to finish.

Renovating your home has never been this easy. From conception to completion, our award-winning home renovators walk you through every stage for a stress-free experience. We make it easier to give your home makeovers the features or updates you have always wanted.

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Gold Coast Builders Renovations with Decades of Experience

The Best Home renovations save you the hassle of moving when your current property fails to meet your needs. You may need to fix a safety issue or expand the room’s size to get more use. Our home renovators have the experience required to make your Gold Coast renovation as seamless as possible. We ensure that the plans match your needs and goals, and we build or exceed Australian Standards.

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Kitchen Home Renovations

If you are still debating whether your Gold Coast home renovations are worth it, explore some of the benefits:

  • Increase property value
  • Make your home more efficient
  • Update the style of your home
  • Add more living space
  • Make your home more functional
  • Prepare your home for sale
No matter the reason for wanting or needing complete home renovations, we can help.

We are a family-owned and operated business with over 30 years of experience in the Gold Coast area. Our home renovators frequently handle all types of Gold Coast renovation projects, including major and minor home renovations.

When it comes to major renovations, you want to ensure that you have the best building renovator. Any mistake could jeopardise the safety and appeal of your home. We have completed many major renovation projects, from home additions to overhauling the layout of a property. All projects follow strict standards to ensure many years of enjoyment.

We are also available for minor Gold Coast renovation projects. For example, you may decide to remodel your bathroom, kitchen, living room, or other areas of your property. Minor renovations do not involve structural changes.

Our goal is to help make your home more liveable.

We design plans based on your needs but also provide expert feedback. Allow us to help transform your property into the home of your dreams. We can find ways to get more out of your home with minimal impact on your budget and lifestyle.

Dependable Home Renovations with Lasting Results

The quality of your home renovations depends on the building renovator that you hire. The enjoyment that you get from your home renovations may be short-lived without proper workmanship. Inferior work from unreliable home renovators increases the risk of needing repairs to correct mistakes.

You can depend on us for high-quality Gold Coast renovation thanks to our no-nonsense building process. We have a unique approach that allows us to provide superior work at the best prices.

Here are a few of the advantages of choosing Risen Developments as your building renovator:

  • Gold Coast renovation plans are based completely on your wishes
  • You are kept in the loop throughout every stage
  • You receive a fixed price with your pricing agreement
  • We meet with the local Council to gain approval for the project
  • Your renovations are completed promptly
  • We follow up to ensure that everything is running smoothly

The building renovator that you hire should work with you to develop plans based on your needs and wants. When you choose Risen Developments, we take the time to listen and create preliminary plans that align completely with your wishes.

Our home renovators also keep you up to date at every stage. If any issues arise, you are the first to know. However, we complete projects on time and on budget. We want to make the entire process as convenient as possible.

We are also one of the few building renovator companies to offer reliable after-service. We visit your property 90 days after the project to search for any defects. We visit again after 12 months to ensure that everything meets your needs.

For a Home Renovation Builders near me in the Gold Coast area. Risen Developments has you covered. Please contact us online to start planning your Gold Coast renovation, or call us 0404 REN OV8!

Your Complete Renovations Services

Don’t know where to start on your Kitchen, bathroom or outdoor makeover? Allow us to help with the design. We have years of experience designing and building beautiful residential properties throughout the Gold Coast.

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovations give you the chance to makeover your cooking space for increased functionality, efficiency, lighting, or appeal. Our decades of experience and meticulous attention to detail ensure that your new kitchen will match or exceed your expectations.

Outdoor living space

Redesigning your outdoor living space offers more excuses to stay outside. A new entertainment deck, swimming pool, pergola, or barbecue area can dramatically change the way that you see and use your backyard

Bathroom Renovations

Don’t know where to start on your bathroom makeover? Allow us to help with the design. We have years of experience designing and building beautiful bathrooms for residents throughout the Gold Coast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some simple advice on past Home renovation questions and why most projects require a specialised, experienced licenced builder.

Is My House Suitable for a Home Renovation?

The most important question is whether your existing home can be effectively renovated. An experienced, licenced builder can inspect your property to determine if a home renovation is viable.

For example, a builder needs to inspect the condition of the building, its structural integrity, and its foundation.

At Risen Developments, we thoroughly inspect your home to assess whether it can handle renovations. We give you honest recommendations instead of moving forward with a potentially unsafe renovation.

What Are Local Council Requirements?

All major home renovations, including Extensions, Addition, require council approval to ensure that the renovations comply with local building requirements. The requirements are primarily intended to comply with height, footprint and safety standards for various building components.

Local Council within our building licence envelope

Do i need a Building Certifer for a Renovation?

Before starting on your project, you need a qualified building certifier to assess your property. The building certifier may work for the local government or private practice. They meet with your builder and inspect the property to ensure that the plans comply with all local requirements.

Building certifiers will schedule inspections at different stages of construction, including after the completion of the renovation. The certifier needs to give final approval before the structure can be occupied, where an occupational certificate will be issued.

A Building certifier is recommended for any construction project but is completely INDEPENDENT of any builder or construction company.

What Timeframe Should We Anticipate for Construction?

The average timeframe for adding an extension or addition to your home is about 4 to 12 months. The duration depends on various factors, including the availability and experience of the builder and subcontractors they employ. Some builders can complete a large-scale renovation in as little as three months. However, rushing the project may result in inferior work.

In any case, most constructions time frames will remain pretty constant during the entire building process.

If you were unsure of how to judge completion dates, before commencing construction is to govern how complex the renovation you are looking to undertake.

Where Will We Live When the Renovation Commences?

As with most renovations, extensions and additions require modifications to your home’s frame and generate a lot of dust. Due to safety concerns, it’s often advised that the homeowner reside elsewhere during construction. However, we can section off a living area for the homeowners to remain onsite with some smaller projects.

In most cases, the homeowner finds different accommodations during the construction process. For example, you may stay with family, rent a hotel room, or camp elsewhere on your property.

How Do You Finance My Construction Costs?

A construction loan is the most common way to finance a Major Home Renovation. Unlike conventional loans, you do not receive a lump sum, and the lender releases money in stages known as a “progressive draw” to cover the construction cost.

You draw down your loan in instalments throughout the construction process. For example, you may receive an instalment to cover initial preparation, including plans, permits, and fees.

Some homeowners may use equity to take out a loan along with construction loans. A home equity loan is a second home loan based on the difference between the property’s value and your existing loan balance.

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