Second Storey Addition – What to Look for in a Good Builder

There is no place like home, and everyone wants theirs to be the home of their dreams. Whether you’re building from scratch or renovating an existing property, there are a few qualities that you should look for in a builder before employing one.

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1: Reputation

2: Experience

3: Guideline

4: Fair pricing

Builders Reputation

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful review forums. Ask your friends, family members, and neighbours if they have any recommendations for builders in your area. Once you have a few company names in mind, check their online reviews and pay extra attention to reviews that centre around the services you need, such as second storey additions or new builds.

If you see your neighbours adding a second storey addition to their home, ask them what company they employed and how satisfied they are with their services.

Their Experience

The builder you choose must have plenty of experience. A company that has been in business for decades has its reasons for staying afloat. However, being in business for years doesn’t automatically equate with a well-rounded experience.

It’s important to ask questions. Ring up the business and enquire how much experience they have in the service you are requiring. How many times have they constructed a double-storey addition? How many new constructions have they completed? Do they specialise in large-scale renovations, or are they more comfortable with smaller projects?

Second Storey Addition Guideline Adherence

You can’t know every building code and council restriction, and you want to make sure that your builder is knowledgeable in these fields. Although you may own the property that the house resides on, city and municipal guidelines restrict how far your house can sprawl outwards or reach upwards. There are height restrictions in cities, so installing a second storey addition may not be on every home card.

As your builder works with you to develop a plan for your building, they will need to consider known restrictions in your area. Once a plan is tentatively complete, they will present it to your local council to have it looked over. The council will decide if the parameters of your construction align with local ordinances. If there are restrictions that will interfere with the plan, it’s your builder’s responsibility to reconfigure the construction to fit your wants and align with the building code.

You also want to ensure that the contractor’s company adheres to workplace health and safety guidelines. Working on scaffolds to build a second storey addition is dangerous. If employees are not building safely, they could become seriously hurt. If a builder or their sub-contractor becomes hurt on your property and the builder does not have sufficient liability insurance, you may be responsible for the cost of their injuries.

Fair Pricing and Quality

Making renovations to your home isn’t cheap, and you want to get the best deal for your money. Don’t skimp out and go with the cheapest bid from builders without considering the other characteristics of the business.

If you go with the lowest price, you’re going to get the lowest quality. This isn’t to say that you should automatically go with the highest price, which can often be a sign of overcharging. Pick a reasonable price for the service and quality of service you’re in search of.

In price checking, you should also enquire whether the builder offers any price guarantees or caps and how often they stay on budget. With the latter part, the company may embellish their answer, so it’s even more essential to scour reviews to see if other customers were satisfied with their ability to stay on budget.

When looking for a builder to complete renovations or 2nd storey additions, give more consideration to builders that come to your home to survey the area before giving you a quote. There’s no way to accurately estimate how much it will cost to add on to an existing structure just by a phone conversation. If you’re given an estimate online or over the phone, be aware that it is a very rough estimate.

When a builder visits the site, they can have a look and see if there are any potentially unexpected roadblocks such as electrical issues, support beams, or foundation damage. These are things that while a homeowner may be able to see, they can’t begin to dream of what it will take to correct these issues. The integrity of a home is essential when you’re looking to make an extension to it. When you want to construct a second storey addition, the first storey or ground floor must be in impeccable order.

It’s important to examine a company’s reputation. You can do this by consulting people you know or online communities and scouring any online reviews available. There are many builders out there, but not all of them are experienced in second storey additions. Ensure that they are experienced in this specific type of construction.

Guideline adherence is a prudent quality in a builder. This will protect your finances and conscience.

The most important quality for most homeowners is the price. Be cautious not to skimp on your builder’s cost, as you often get what you pay for. Your second-storey addition will add exponential value to your home, so take comfort in knowing that your investment will return money for you.

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If you just found this article and need assistance on what is possible with the council in the Gold coast area, review their planning website to see if a second storey addition is a right fit for you and your families growth.

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